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About Us

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Explanation of the corporate Logo:
I. It is composed of the initial letters of Hua and Xing:
1. It represents Huaxing Company; ;
2. It means the benefit community of Huaxing Company and Huaxing People;
3. It indicates that Huaxing Company and Huaxing People are in the same boat and will develop together;
4.It shows that it is a benefit community with its matching enterprises and customers;
5.It expresses that Huaxing Company will treat honestly and get along with its matching enterprises and customers for mutual benefit;
II、It is composed of the Chinese character “人” (means people) and the image of a ladder:
1. It means the Huaxing Company is people-oriented and will carry out the human-based management;
2. It represents that the highest objective of Huaxing Company is to develop itself into the best bearing manufacturer in China;
3. It shows that Huaxing Company and Huaxing People will work hard continuously and make achievements so as to realize its highest objective.