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About Us

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New cultural concept system of Huaxing Company: 
HXB spirit:To make contribution to the country by the industry; open and above board, sincere, cooperative, united, enterprising, courteous, and modest
HXB prospect:To be the best bearing manufacturer in China
HXB talent concept:Everyone is a talent; making good use of everyone’s capacity
HXB quality concept:Products show the moral quality; Surviving by quality
HXB operation concept:Quality-oriented, credit-based, and customer-focused; cooperation for mutual benefit
HXB management concept:People-oriented; to manage the corporate according to law
HXB security concept:Security is extremely important
HXB cost concept:To calculate carefully, budget strictly, and save every penny; high-efficiency
HXB service concept:
>> Interior service concept:Management makes flow smoother, design makes technique simpler, technique makes production more convenient, and production makes marketing easier
>>Customer service concept:
* Design:To think by taking the side of customers, and design correct and applicable bearing
* Technique:To check like customers do, and process delicate and good-looking bearing
* Production:To expect as clients do, and deliver up-to-standard bearing on time
* Marketing:To prove by customer’s comment, and keep the products permanently popular