High speed spindle bearings

HXB high-speed spindle bearing is a single row angular contact ball bearing with sealing structure added on the basis of the spindle bearing, and the sealing material is mainly NBR rubber.
The contact Angle of high-speed spindle bearings is C= 15° (suffix C) or AC = 25°
Limited by the sealing ring and cage material, the bearings are suitable for operating temperatures of -30℃ To +100℃
In addition, compared with ordinary spindle bearings, hybrid ceramic ball bearings have 50% higher speed, less friction and heat, corrosion resistance, and longer working life.
The main hybrid bearings are 7000 series, 7200 series and 71900 series. The pairing mode is universal U, DB, DT, DF,  TBT, TFT, TTL, QBC, QFC, QT, QBT, QFT,PBC.