What is the reason for controlling the placement temperature of stainless steel bearings

Of course, stainless steel bearings are made of stainless steel, but it is also important to avoid using the product in damp and high pH environments to prevent corrosion on the shaft. But you may not know yet, in fact, stainless steel bearings also have requirements for placement temperature. What is the reason for this

If it is a warehouse for stainless steel bearings, the indoor temperature is controlled at five to twenty-five degrees. If the room temperature is too low, the anti rust oil on the bearing will harden and produce cracks, and harmful substances such as moisture will directly contact the bearing surface through the cracks and cause it to rust; But if the room temperature is too high, the rust preventive oil will dissolve and lose its protective effect on the bearing surface. When the temperature difference is large, the moisture in the atmosphere will condense into water droplets on the bearing surface, causing bearing corrosion.

So, the temperature of the bearing warehouse is generally controlled by means such as air conditioning or cement. Once the temperature drops below five degrees, a far-infrared electric furnace should be used to raise the temperature indoors. At this time, it is not allowed to use fuels such as coal, wood, or oil to heat up, as this will produce harmful gases that can cause bearing corrosion.

Stainless steel bearings also have a taboo, which is that they cannot be blown, so special attention should be paid to the entrance of the warehouse. This is mainly because high temperature bearings will condense water droplets when encountering cold air, and the bearings may be corroded.

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