New cultural concept system of Huaxing Company:

HXB spirit:To make contribution to the country by the industry; open and above board, sincere, cooperative, united, enterprising, courteous, and modest
HXB prospect:To be the best bearing manufacturer in China
HXB talent concept:Everyone is a talent; making good use of everyone’s capacity
HXB quality concept:Products show the moral quality; Surviving by quality
HXB operation concept:Quality-oriented, credit-based, and customer-focused; cooperation for mutual benefit
HXB management concept:People-oriented; to manage the corporate according to law
HXB security concept:Security is extremely important
HXB cost concept:To calculate carefully, budget strictly, and save every penny; high-efficiency

HXB service concept:

>> Interior service concept:Management makes flow smoother, design makes technique simpler, technique makes production more convenient, and production makes marketing easier
>>Customer service concept:
* Design:To think by taking the side of customers, and design correct and applicable bearing
* Technique:To check like customers do, and process delicate and good-looking bearing
* Production:To expect as clients do, and deliver up-to-standard bearing on time
* Marketing:To prove by customer’s comment, and keep the products permanently popular


development path


In March 1995 ,Hangzhou Huaxing bearing co.,ltd founded.


ln June 2007,Hangzhou Yijia Precision Bearing Co.,Ltd was established.


In February 2011,Zhejiang Aiken Machinery Co.,Ltd.was established


ln August 2012 Hangzhou lBC Bearing Co.,Ltd was established.


ln December 2014,Huaxing zhengtao E-commerce Industrial Park was opened


ln April 2016,Zhejiang Aijing Machine Technology


ln March2018.Huaxing Bearing Technology (Changxing)Co., Ltd was established


ln August 2020,Huaxing Group was registered and established.