What is the major difference between vibration type and ordinary type bearings

In bearing products, we classify some of them as vibration type and the other as ordinary type. There must be some differences between them, and the application scenarios should also be different. Therefore, it is necessary to have a simple understanding of vibration type and ordinary type bearings before making the correct choice.

The inner and outer rings and rolling elements of vibration type bearings are generally made of vacuum degassed bearing steel, so it can be imagined that their performance is definitely quite excellent. However, it should be noted that the collar of this type of bearing needs a certain degree of interference fit with the shaft or seat hole to ensure the smooth operation of the bearing. Some components in ordinary bearings are made of ordinary bearing steel, so their performance cannot be compared to vibration type products.

Whether to choose vibration type products or ordinary type bearings, the entire issue needs to be comprehensively considered before deciding, including factors such as fixed load, rotating load, swinging load, and uncertain load of the product, and whichever is suitable can be used.

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